Dr Carl Jurica, Master Beekeeper Professor and friend

I met Carl in May of 2018, a chance meeting in a laundromat, life has been very different ever since. Meeting Carl took my life in a whole new direction. Bees and the idea of bees what they can do properly cared for and properly motivated is fascinating.

It is to Dr Carl Jurica that I dedicate this site, his guidance and wisdom with bees, his innocents and willingness to share what he knows with all, for one reason, bees. He is a blessing from God, following his path, humble and good, a life committed to beekeeping.

I hope to use this site to capture and share his techniques his outlook and wisdom. Allowing us the privilege to learn more about beekeeping and it’s history from one who has lived it.

Dr. Carl Jurica Beekeeper

Aké to bolo?


Hi Carl 🙂

As I am learning more about bees and Dr Carl jurica I have found that he is just as busy as bees. He is a true Renaissance Man not only caring for bees but also an accomplished artist as well as the author of a book on rearing Queens in the North East.