I grew up in suburban NJ, a little town, of Westfield. There at the ripe old age of 5, I was accosted and stung by some yellow jackets or bees didn’t matter the damage was done, to the child’s mind it was small, it flew made a buzzing sound and if even seen, could attack you and sting you and cause pain. I did not discriminate even bumble bees were put down if they invaded our space. Fortunately throughout life I have not been in the position of having to exterminate any bees. Now having met Dr Jurica and learning a bit about bees from him, I see a good future in the advent of helping bees. In the words of Friar Tuck, “Take care of your bees and your bees will take care of you”.


So whether you are a seasoned professional who can see the benefits and merits of using the Americana Hiving System or a beginner who would like to keep better bees in a better environment for both the bees and the beekeeper, the Americana System gives the best solutions for all stages of beekeeping

The many different styles of bee hive

If you are a newbee, You will quickly learn about having to plan on picking up and moving 100 lbs boxes of bees and brood outside in the good weather when your lucky to get it. With the Langstroff System the beekeeper is limited to the good weather days for working bees comfortably. If you go with the Americana, you can find yourself sitting inside with dry warmth and comfort caring for your bees at any time in almost any weather. The Americana Hive is Superior in every way over the present Langstroff Systems stack of boxes. As you will see and learn here at Americana Hiving System. What you keep bees in matters not to the bee. It matters to you, the beekeeper

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