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The Americana Hiving System is influenced by the Slovenians Style Hive and Beekeeping Methods.

Beekeeping, a fascinating subject that has been studied since man could think, I would argue one of the many first experiments with other life forms in the earths environment. An experiment that continues on to the minutes you read this.  My hope here is that you will see the simple benefit of helping a seemingly small creature.  A creature that does for the environment, a space shared by all, man and beast alike, the environments we share, made more  beautiful and plentiful, large in part only, because of the honey bee.

The modern American Beekeeping Industry has been running primarily with the Langstroff system of beekeeping since the 1800s.  Over the last 30+ or so years new threats to bees have taken root.  What has changed that is allowing this to happen and how can it be corrected? The experts in bees and big Pharma have been looking at the serious issue of the Varroa destructor mite. As they see it in the “Langstroff light” they are looking to correct it within that paradigm.  Work with what you have, work with what you are used to knowing what works, correct the issues and problems within that mind set.  But from what I am reading and learning about bees and varroa, I must wonder if maybe the answer isn’t so much an external chemical corrective approach to exterminate the mites as much as it could be more an internal environmental condition approach with regard to how the bees living area is the possible cause. 

Many solid business platforms have been supported caring for this omni important life form.  Properly administered time tested practices that span mankind’s known records in keeping bees still used today in other parts of the world, are there to be capitalized on for those with the vision.  Practices not familiar to American beekeepers need to be brought out here to America to help keep our American bees better, alive and healthy!